Clarke® Boost™ Compact Rider Scrubber - 32", 242 AH

Clarke® Boost™ Compact Rider Scrubber - 32", 242 AH

Item # CLA56114020

  • Employs an orbital motion that spins at 2250 RPM. This orbital motion requires less pad pressure and attacks the dirt from multiple directions.
  • Pad Size: 32" x 14"; Certified by Green Machine
  • 36 volt, (6 volt batteries) 242 AH
  • 1 hp, 3 stage, tangential discharge vacuum motor
32", 242 AH, ea

There is no need to change your current floor care chemical program as Boost[TM] units do not require a proprietary cleaning chemical. Designed with focus on operator comfort and ease of use and efficiency, the Focus Rider also addresses the needs of the buyer by providing the highest productivity, employee satisfaction, and labor savings.

36 volt, (6 volt batteries) 242 AH.


Cleaning solution is introduced in front of the rectangular scrubbing pad via Clarke's patented Pulse Modulated Solution Control. The orbital action contains the cleaning solution in the pad and carries it for the full length of the pad.

Uses significantly less water than a traditional disc floor scrubber, and using less water means using significantly less cleaning chemical.

Floors are cleaned up to 6 times more effectively with Boost's efficient orbital action, and cleaner floors allow for more effective burnishing.

Less pad pressure is required to achieve the desired cleaning result because Boost[TM] cleans at orbits 10 times that of a conventional scrubber and attacks dirt from multiple directions. With Boost[TM] , the combination of high RPM orbital action at red

Since conventional disc scrubbers use twice the amount of solution, more dump and fills are required. With Boost[TM], you'll experience a 15 to 20 minute labor savings for each dump and refill that's eliminated. The Boost's unique pad shape also allows

Boost's reduced water usage coupled with the reduced pad pressure enables the Boost[TM] machine to utilize them motors and battery pack more efficiently which translates into an increase of run time of up to 25% compared to similar disc scrubbers!

Boost's efficient motors are quiet, helping to reduce the ambient noise level for the operator and keep ever-rising worker's compensation claims to a minimum.


  • Pad Size: 32" x 14"
  • Solution Tank: 30 Gal.
  • Solution Flow: 0 to .87 gal/min
  • Recovery Tank: 30 Gal.
  • Brush Motor: 3/4 hp
  • Brush Speed: 2250 RPM
  • Scrub Pad Orbit: 1/4" diameter
  • Brush Pressure: 115-155 lbs.
  • Speed: Forward 230 ft/min: Reverse 180 ft/min.
  • Squeegee Width: 43.5"
  • Squeegee Material: Gum rubber or Linatex
  • Cleaning Grade: 6 degree incline
  • Charger: On board
  • Sound Test @ Operator Ear: 70 dBA
  • Machine Weight: 1488 lbs.
  • Warranty: Polydur[R] Tanks 8 years, parts 3 years, labor 1 year.
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